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C. Brauer (100425.213@CompuServe.COM)
22 Jan 1995 22:45:24 GMT

I am a scientist working at a museum in Germany. We are preparing an exhibition
about whales, whaling and the use of materials from whales. I am especially
interested in publications about the Inuit (Eskimos), the Islanders of the South
Pacific and the Indians of the Northwest coast of America.
I will be very grateful, if anyone sends me any bit of information or suggests any
publications dealing with these topics to me via e-mail. My Internet address is
Is there anyone who could send me a copy of one of the following short
publications, which I was yet not able to find in German libraries:
1) Bernardi, Suzanne R. Whaling with Eskimos of Cape Prince of Wales. In: The
Courier Journal (Louisville), 1912, October 20:1-2
2) Bliss, K. J. International Whaling Commission Regulations and the Alaskan
Eskimo. In: Natural Resources Journal 1979, 4:943 - 956
3) Bockstoce, John R. Eskimo Whaling in Alaska. In: Alaska Magazine 1977, 43
(9): 4-6.
If there is no possibility to send me the texts via e-mail, please contact me via e-
mail. Then I would send you my postal address and some IRCs and perhaps you
could send me a photocopy via airmail.
Thank you very much for your help!
C. Brauer