Re: aquatic humans...

Daniel Rosenblatt (
22 Jan 1995 19:21:15 GMT

John Brock ( wrote:
: >Can anyone provide me with any texts that detail the theories of aquatic hominids?

: I have a paperback copy of The Aquatic Ape (Stein and Day, 1982) by
: Elaine Morgan, who earlier wrote The Descent of Woman, which touches on
: the same subject. Both are popularizations, and I don't know anything
: more recent. I wonder whether the recent discovery of A. ramadus (?)
: will have any impact on the theory.
A few points:
1] Elaine Morgan has more recent books (_Scars of Evolution_ is one title.)
2] Popularizations are all there is, it is *only* a popular theory.
3] There is a newsgroup devoted to it: sci.anthropology.paleo (and
Elaine Morgan posts there.)