Re: Marina McInnes' e-mail

MBAWilliam (
22 Jan 1995 11:24:54 -0500

I would just give it up, Marina... For reasons I'm sure only Gil can
articulate, he will never get past the part of your address which states
you are an American. Yes, its completely biased and irrational, but Gil
cannot/will not allow himself to see that America is a hierarchical
complete with hundreds of cultural affinities, as well as *haves*, *have
nots*, dominant culture and the *Other*. Just as many people cannot see
a person's color, a woman's *tits and ass*, or an individual's sexual
preference to their mind and ideas (all of the aforementioned Mr. Hardwick
has previously exhibited.) I does not matter how lucid or not-threatening
your arguments might be (which, I personally found them to be, I might
add...) Gil's misplaced dillusions of anti-Australian conspiracies are
impossible to defeat, no matter how rational the argument. It would be
interesting, however, to hear how aboriginal Australians view the arrival
subsequent domination of Europeans-Australians, and whether they would
Hardwick's views on a more local level. I haven't heard of many indigenous
groups, in either America (of which I, btw, am one) or in Australia,
parades to celebrate the arrival of Europeans, have you?

BTW...I was always under the impression that *Bible Bashing* was a
critique of religious teachings.... Perhaps you mean *Bible Thumping*,
Gil? Sort of changes the meaning of your point, wouldn't you say?

MB Williams