Re: Julian Jaynes

Rosemary Lyndall (lyndall@haywire.DIALix.COM)
Sun, 22 Jan 1995 23:41:13 +0800

Cary Grant wrote:

> it is now widely believed, in fact scientifically proven (after the work
> of Chomsky and others) that our language capacity is hard wired in to our
> brains. We have, in fact, a language organ in our brains which switches
> on early and absorbs language in a profound way. In other words it is
> something which evolved biologically under natural selection, and
> therefore has been around for a very long time. Thus, by Jaynes's own
> admission, his theory cannot be correct.

Chomsky's Language Acquisition Device {LAD} was superceded some time ago
by newer theories, one of which was appropriately called the Language
Assistance Support Scheme {LASS}. Have you ever noticed how parents seem
to be pre-wired to echo and expand on their children's utterances?

So you'll have to find another way of trouncing Jayne's theory :-)

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