Re: "Sagan and Velikovsky" to appear in local book stores

Charles E. Glidden (
20 Jan 1995 10:56:11 -0800

Ted Holden ( wrote:

: A book entitled "Carl Sagan and Immanuel
: Velikovsky" which exposes the miserable nature of Carl Sagan's
: misrepresentations of Velikovsky's book "Worlds in Collision" will soon
: be available at local bookstores. I have read the book, and it is such
: a powerful indictment of Carl Sagan's criticism that anybody who reads
: it will be shocked by the depth of Sagan's deceitful analysis. It's
: about time that the miserable and mean-spirited work of Sagan is finally
: presented to the scientific world and to the general public so that they
: can see the way Sagan used dishonest and underhanded forms of criticism to
: destroy Velikovsky.
et cetera
Nice to see you have raised the debate to such a high level away from any
personal vindictivness or name calling. :>

Charles Glidden