Re: Social Engineering (was: Different patriarchy Model)

John McCarthy (jmc@SAIL.Stanford.EDU)
20 Jan 1995 05:46:32 GMT

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>: The simple fact that american black culture has been comparitively
>: unsuccessful at socialising its members in such a way as to avoid criminal
>: behavior is undeniable. The difficult question is why.

>Of course, were you writing this in the 1920s, you would no doubt be
>saying this about Italian-Anericans.

Right. Or chinese. See _How the other half Lives_, by Jakob Riis, for an
interesting example. Written in the 1880's, riis looks at the slums of new
york city, at the irish, the italians, the jews, the blacks and chinese. He
was full of hope for the future of the blacks, who were in the early stages
of building the thriving urban culture which was to produce such
magnificant results in the arts in the 20th century. He had comparitively
little enthusiasm for the jews, who were making the transition from the
ghettos of eastern europe to the very different american mileau. How wrong
he turned-out to be.

Unfortunately, black ghetto culture has been getting worse socialized
recently. The attacks by blacks on blacks who get good grades in
school are a recent phenomenon, for example. The re-election of Berry
in Washington, D.C. is another.

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