Re: Anthro and Cetaceans

Daniel Rosenblatt (
19 Jan 1995 20:07:17 GMT

Allan Charles Dawson ( wrote:
: I recall reading somewhere about of anthropologists involved
: involved in studying cetacean (mainly dolphin and orca) beahviour
: as an extension of their primate behavioural research.
: Would anyone here be familiar with this work or of any work done
: involving primate/cetacean crossover res

: A.C.

I think I recall hearing that Gregory Bateson's _Steps to an Ecology of
Mind_ (1972) discussed dolphin inteligence. I see in the library catalogue
that he has also written a new book, _Sacred Unity: Further Steps to an
Ecology of Mind_ (1991), but I don't know anything about it. Hope that's

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