Re: Social Engineering (was: Different patriarchy Model)

Rod Hagen (
Thu, 19 Jan 1995 10:35:17 +1000

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Firl) wrote:

> The simple fact that american black culture has been comparitively
> unsuccessful at socialising its members in such a way as to avoid criminal
> behavior is undeniable. The difficult question is why.

When people have been living in comparative hell for a few hundred years
you'd hardly expect anything different. Just look what a few year in
Vietnam did to so many white veterans, in a far shorter time. Things
don't change overnight just because things get a bit better.

Wherever you find a poor, oppressed, minority (and despite the changes in
the last thirty years this remains a broadly accurate picture of American
black society) living in the midst of comparative affluence, you find a
high incidence of crime of one form or another, directed both internally
and externally. When you combine this with a dominant society which places
great value on material wealth, sees greed as fundamentally good,
conspicuously flaunts its wealth while it fails to provide adequately for
the health of the minority (or even poorer members of the majority), and
regards owning the means to kill easily as a fundamental right, its not
hard to answer the question why you have a crime problem!

Rod Hagen