Daniel Rosenblatt (
18 Jan 1995 19:32:33 GMT wrote:
: Has anyone been watching the mini-series airing on TLC (The Learning Channel)
: titled "The Human Animal" narrated by Desmond Morris? If so is there any
: written material by the narrator, if so what is the title? I am especially
: interested in the first part of the series which was based on human's
: natural facial expressions and their origins from human evolution.

: Reply to . . .

: Thank-you for any replies for I am struggling with an anthropology essay on
: the human response to the grotesque film genre.

If your university doesn't have a *library*, you could telnet to
<> (just type: telnet at the system
prompt). There you will find access to numerous catalogues. An author
search under *Morris, D* should answer your question. (Though I should
point out that there must be a lot of writing *about* the grotesque film
genre which might be more directly helpful to your essay.

Daniel Rosenblatt <>