Re: Social Engineering (was: Different patriarchy Model)

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Tue, 17 Jan 1995 17:48:09 PST

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>Subject: Re: Social Engineering (was: Different patriarchy Model)
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>>power to carry out whatever world view you hold that the dislike becomes
>>oppression and racism (or sexism, or whatever). This of course infers a
>>(structural) hierarchy with some group able to impose their will upon another.
>>Racism would be no more important than your choice of soaps without this
>>ability to make others danceto your tune.

>The fact that murder is illegal really can not be claimed as an example of
>racism. The vast majority of all people on earth agree that murder,
>robbery, etc, are and should be considered criminal acts, regardless of
>race or culture.

Gerold - it isn't the crime rates that are racist - it is the social milieu
that promotes the crimes that is racist. You continue to keep putting the cart
before the horse.

>The simple fact that american black culture has been comparitively
>unsuccessful at socialising its members in such a way as to avoid criminal
>behavior is undeniable. The difficult question is why.

African Americans have been socialized by the dominant white society to be
criminals ... they have been *criminalized*. They are (by and large) denied
work (unemployment rates in excess of 25%, and more than that for 18 to 25
year old African Americans, the largest criminal group) and then expected to
merely lie back and accept that, without fighting back. What the heck do you
expect people to do, Gerold? *Any* group of people denied avenues to a normal
life will take other actions, Gerold, even whites.

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Regards, Richard