Re: Social Engineering (was: Different patriarchy Model)

Rod Hagen (
Wed, 18 Jan 1995 11:13:11 +1000

In article <>, (Bob
Casanova) wrote:

>The dominant culture in the
> US says that (among many other things) it is wrong to steal, to kill
> to corrupt the innocent.

Though your nation, like my own, was founded on the basis of vast thefts
of land from the indigenous people, the wanton killing of great numbers of
the indigenous inhabitants and the extensive corruption and degradation of
those who remained!

I am not aware of any cultures which officially sanction any of these
activities, but individuals (and sometimes institutions) within most
sometimes undertake them.

>If individuals reject these, they are not entitled to
> the protections embedded in the US social contract. In other words, if an
> individual decides to not abide by the contract, society needn't extend the
> protections which are _also_ a part of the contract.

On the other hand, societies sometimes don't honour the contract either.
If the society doesn't fulfil its side of the contract should the
individual still feel obliged to comply with it? If and when there is a
greater measure of equality in your society (and my own) perhaps your
point may have greater validity.

Rod Hagen