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> i remember seeing an active thread last semester on paradoxes (re:prisoners
> dilemmas) but dont remember too many of the arguments....
> does prisoners dilemmas apply to business competitions (i remember some said
> no)
> my example is this: given that each country has control of its fishing
> resources, how correct am i to argue that if a country recklessly allows their
> fisheries to be "knocked dead" (ie overfished) they are defecting. i
> understand over time they will no longer be players in the game (which
> involves all countries with fish resources), but in the short run they will
> attract business and profits while the other countries that regulate
> (cooperate to preserve their fisheries) will lose out initially.....
> i hope i made myself clear.....:)
> it seems to me that this is some kind of modified prisoners' dilemma, eh?
> thanks to everyone (anyone?) that replies....
> kevin


It sure sounds like one. If you compete, you win small-time by a
constant supply of fish. If either side cheats, it wins big. If they both
cheat, neither wins and in they end they both lose. Sounds like you have
all four blocks for the old prisoners' dilemma game. A lot of business
operations might be offshoots of this but what about-

their own country and its
laws they have to live by
values & social preferences at the time--
we have a good many bunny huggers these days
the fact that the other countries have a recourse of action-to
ban imports
and the fact that you could potentially and easily cheat on quotas

It may be the prisoners' dilemma- but with quite a few added
dimensions. It might be interesting to develop a game based on the
'fisherman's dilemma' to see what the winning stategies would be in the
end. They've done that for a number of group dynamics problems and I
believe with some interesting results.

good luck on your idea-an expert could do
you more good

Bill Sheaffer

PS If you're into group dynamics, the prisoners' dilemma could rapidly
turn into the $1 auction.

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