J. Moore (
Mon, 16 Jan 95 16:10:00 -0500

De> How can we possibly have more ancestors in a coexisting generation than
De> the total known population of the earth?

De> I know for a fact that I have a mother and a father who each has a
De> mother and a father, etc... The direct ancestral chart would look like
De> so: Generation Population
De> 1 2 (Mother and father)
De> 2 4 (grandparents)
De> 3 8 (greatgrandparents)....
De> 20 1,048,576
De> 30 1,073,741,841
De> Going backwards it does not take too long to run into a problem.

De> What am I missing? Please email your response to me. Thanks
De> Art Decker

What you're missing is that we share ancestors.

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