Re: The Island of Mu.

Michael Rogero Brown (
Mon, 16 Jan 1995 21:33:09 GMT

Eric Brunner ( wrote:
: In article <> (Michael Rogero Brown (Sys Admin)) writes:
: ...
: >Basically the idea of Mu started when an Catholic monk attempted to translated
: >the only remaining Mayan books back in the 16th century.

: Michael, if you know the name of this translator and/or the name of the
: text he was attempting to translate, or the name of the translated work,
: I'd appreciate it.

I'll check deCamp's book on lost contients tonight. I believe its in there.
I believe that there are only 3 Mayan books (usually refered to as 'codex's),
and it was one of these that he tried to translated.

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