Re: Those Eyes! (Was: Intelligence by Race)

Ilya Vinarsky (ivin@chet.EECS.Berkeley.EDU)
16 Jan 1995 05:59:54 GMT

In article <D2H1A3.GGJ@murdoch.acc.Virginia.EDU>,
David Salvador Flores <dsf3g@faraday.clas.Virginia.EDU> wrote:
>If the epicanthic fold provides no survival advantage then how do
>you explain the gradual decrease in that membrane as you move down
>from Alaska to Mesoamerica? The eskimo populations have very
>pronounced folds whereas indigenous Latin-American populations do not.

The Inuits, or the Eskimos, came to America much later than the Native
Americans. In fact, theirs is the only New World language known to be related
to Old World ones.

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