Re: Those Eyes! (Was: Intelligence by Race)

Lane Singer (
16 Jan 1995 05:18:30 GMT

In <> (Tom Lathrop) writes:

>>I'm not disputing any of your other points, but what evolutionary
>>advantage does the epicanthic fold provide?
>This is actually a very good question. When the anti-racists deny that
>there is "such a thing as race", what they are at bottom saying is that
>there has been no real genetic separation between what we usually think
>of as the different races. That although we appear different on the
>surface, this is only superficial, and underneath the genes have been
>zipping back and fourth like mad between the different populations.

Tom. Really. Genes "zipping back and forth" ? How did you come up with
that? What on earth does it mean?

>This raises a very serious question. If there has been no significant
>genetic isolation between Europeans and east Asians, why are the genes
>for the epicanthic fold, almost universal in east Asia, so rare in
>Europe? Why haven't those genes been zipping back and fourth too,
>along with all the rest?

They're not so rare in Europe. I see it =all= the time in Europeans, some
of them in my own family. Goodgod, Tom, don't you look at people?

[the usual pigmentation discussion cut]

>So where did all this "no such thing as race" nonsense come from? Well
>there's a trick to it. The thing is, if you take traits that were well
>established and diverse in the human population *prior* to racial
>separation (for example, blood types), and map the distribution of
>those traits today, then naturally you will get a complicated and
>confused picture that bears little resemblance to our usual notion of
>racial geography. This is what the anti-racists (who knew well what
>conclusion they wanted to arrive at) have done.

This is really a hoot! Are you now saying that Cavalli-Sforza is in on
some great conspiracy? Really, this paragraph is too much. I've got to
save it. Please, re-read the above paragraph. Savor it.

>But they still haven't explained those eyes! 8-)

Explain your eyes, Tom.