Re: The Island of Mu.

A.T. Fear (
12 Jan 1995 09:17:14 GMT wrote:
: Anshuman Pandey ( wrote:

: : I ran across a few books, namely the "The Island of Mu," "The Children
: : of Mu," and "Symbols of Mu." I forget the authour's name, but he claims
: : that he's found a lost island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between
: : Oceania and South America.

: : In the preface to his books, he mentions that he learned this information
: : from a Hindu priest who kept hidden the secret tablets of the Naacals,
: : which detailed the history of this island of Mu.

: : I was curious to know if any of you have come across these books, and
: : what your opinion of them are?

: That's between the island of Nu and the island of Lambda, right? Lots of
: cows, I expect, which would explain why the Hindu priest was guarding it so
: carefully, lest McDonalds find it. :)

: Ben B.

Somewhere off the continent of omega inhabited by men with three legs and no
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