hekatologos 1101

Wed, 11 Jan 95 21:09:28 -0500

1101 Nil rud ar bith gan a choir fein. (Nothing exists without
its own requisites)

Natural to every living thing is the instinct to grow and to
propagate itself. This impulse is both symbiotic and competitive;
the fox thrives at the expense of the hare, rice that is eaten
will never germinate and a spruce forest is ravaged to make news-
print and toilet paper. In this sense, all animals are predators,
man the fiercest predator of all, preying not only upon other
species but his own as well. And the chief difference between
those who affirm this, however ruthlessly, and those who deny it,
however passionately, is that the latter like their meat well-
cooked, nicely seasoned and daintily arranged upon the dish.
[Neart, Book XI]
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