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>Date: Sun, 08 Jan 1995 12:33:32 GMT
>Subject: Addendum

>I should add, Hugh, that it is not your fine and dandy "inalienable
>right to happiness" at issue here. Nor Rindos', nor anybody else's.

>I am not an American, and I do not care two hoots about such puerile

>No. It is your abject failure to meet your obligation to others which
>gives pause to we out here in the rest of the world.



Just a point of info, since I didn't see the post that prompted yours. The US
Declaration of Independence lists as an "inalienable right" the _pursuit_ of
happiness. A little reflection reveals that this would be impossible to
rescind, since it has no dependence on outside influences. You can pursue
happiness anywhere under any circumstances; _nothing_ can guarantee you will
catch it. Apologies for being pedantic.

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