Re: Tool Use

Michael Pool (
9 Jan 1995 06:18:34 GMT

In article <>, (Bert Gambini, WBFO Development/Air Staff) says:
>Would someone post examples of species other than homo sapiens
>which use tools. I was told that some baboons use rocks to
>scare away predators: true or false?
>Bert Gambini

Chimpanzees have been well documented in not only using tools but making tools. In particular they have been observed to select sticks, twigs, or grass blades and strip them of any branches to make termite prbes to get termites out of their nests. Somet
imes the probes are made away from the termite nests and then transported to the site of use. Additionally, chimpanzees have made sponges from leaves by chewing them in order to get water out of tree hollows they can not reach otherwise.

West African chimpanzees use rocks to crack open nuts. Just as importantly, as stone is scare, they stash their favorite nut crackers for future use.

Clearly, chimpanzees have an incipent technological capability. However, I have never heard of baboons using tools, especially not on a consistent basis.

Michael Pool