Re: Simulaun, Man (5000year old Iceman)

Hugh Garnet Mckenzie (
Mon, 9 Jan 1995 05:18:35 GMT

I don't know much about this but I though I heard that
stable isotope analysis indicated that the diet of the Iceman was
consistent with where he was found and not with an Egyptian or
like environment.

Debbie Foster ( wrote:

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: What is happening with the investigation into the authenticity
: of the Simulaun Iceman? It seems that it is more likely that
: this find is a hoax than that it is an authentic artifact. For
: example, the carbon dating of the man's body was hundreds of
: years different from his cape. Also the body seems more likely
: to have been transfered from a desiccating desert environment,
: like Egypt, as he was totally dried out before he was covered
: with snow. I had been waiting for the book on the subject so
: that I could test my theories that this find is a hoax. Charles
: Scamahorn on Debbie Foster's account.