Re: Social Engineering (was: Different patriarchy Model)

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6 Jan 1995 22:41:29 -0700

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>>While there may be *some truth to the core of what you say, that American
>>black culture has developed along some maladapted lines in some ways,
>>your simplification of issues such as three strikes which have
>>really easy and obvious confounding factors, shows up your ulterior
>>pure racist motivations.

End of conversation? Plenty of people can observe that black men commit
more violent crime per capita than others. Some will conclude that it
has to do with "blackness" or "black culture" rather than ecological
considerations of poverty maintained by disenfranchisement. P.Tom sounds
like a racist, and appears to have at least come to some erroneous

Help him out. Point out cases where other groups subjected to similar
circumstances have reacted similarly. Point out that West African men do
not rank high in the world's homicide rates, while Americans of West
African descent do. The best argument against racism isn't ideological
condemnation, but a simple presentation of facts.