Re: Social Engineering (was: Different patriarchy Model)

Barbara Saunders (
Fri, 6 Jan 1995 23:54:12 GMT

In article <3eimgb$> (PioneerTom) writes:
>While there may be *some truth to the core of what you say, that American
>black culture has developed along some maladapted lines in some ways,
>your simplification of issues such as three strikes which have
>really easy and obvious confounding factors, shows up your ulterior
>pure racist motivations.
>I had not wished to believe before this, that Gross and Levitt were right
>in saying, in "Higher Superstition", that this sort of thinking had
>permeated Anthropology. I'm beginning to believe that this area of the
>social sciences, which I had thought was still an exception to the
>degeneration they described, Anthropology, is in the thick of it after
>all. While some in this news group have been at least polite, too many
>others slide into this name-calling far too easily.
> Please. May I request that sweeping inferences about a person's personal
>beliefs be withheld from the discussion, since the basis that the above
>example uses, along with so many others, is far too slim to make any such
>conclusion believable, much less firm enough to warrant such a public slur
>of such gravity.

Oh, come on, when a person posts about the "inferiority" of an entire
"culture" based on really problematic "examples" of such, what's a person
supposed to infer?
>Tom Billings