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: A friend wrote to me:
: >Cornell University (located in Ithaca, New York) is a big "Ivy League"
: >university with agricultural, engineering, law, medical, and veterinary
: >colleges, thus many different things are happening there. Cornell is
: >generally regarded as being an excellent university, perhaps even one of the
: >best in the US. Since it is one of the larger institutions doing
: >agricultural research in the eastern US, it often gets into the news.
: Pardon me asking what may appear to many a dumb question; what is "Ivy
: League"? Is that something like WASP establishment?
: What is its history?
So far as I understand it, there were four "name" universities on the east
coast. In roman numerals as written by post-Roman Europeans, that's "IV"
(I gather the Romans themselves wrote IIII, and not IV, which would have
offended Jupiter, since they would be the first two letters of his name
IVPITER); hence "IV league". I know Harvard, Yale and Cornell were in
there. What were the others (since I understand at least one more was
added to the league later on)?

Boy, is this a trivia troll, or what?

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