Re: Taste of Human Flesh

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Mon, 2 Jan 1995 16:39:46 PST

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>Date: Mon, 2 Jan 1995 19:49:07 GMT

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>> : ... and an entire restaurant was run on human flesh in "Eat The Rich" (an
>> : entertaining movie) *and* let's not forget "Sweeney (sp?) Todd, where
>> : tasted like meat pies.
>> And let us not forget the classic movie "Eating Rauol" (although I don't
>> recall that taste was ever mentioned--it's been a while).

>And don't forget, "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover"!

Errrr, and I've now remembered "Satyricon" (a kind of posthumous "Eat the
Rich" hehe) and "Who's Been Killing The Great Chefs Of Europe?"

Regards, Richard