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> just crossposting this, so you folx can give a proper answer :
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> Can anyone tell me what human flesh tastes like? Is it more akin
> to beef, lamb, or the proverbial "chicken"? Also, how would it
> be best prepared... is it sufficiently tender to be served rare
> while broiled... or does it need a lot of cooking and best part of
> a stew for instance...
> I'd be curious about the source of this information as well...

Check out "Conversations with the Cannibals - The End of the Old South
Pacific" by Michael Krieger. On page 74 of the hard back:

There is a final question that cannot go unasked. "So what did
it taste like?" I ask Alam.

He shrugs. "Some of these were tasty," he answers. "Same as the
meat of a cow, but the fat is yellow."

There was apparently much skepticism about ritual cannibalism ever
existing by some scientists in the '70s. The accounts described by this
author effectively challenges the skeptics.

Check the book out if even mildy curious about cannibalism.