Re: Gorilla sign language

Stan Ulrich (
Mon, 2 Jan 1995 19:01:06 GMT

Philip King ( wrote:

: Yes you're right. Do you have any more up-to-date info? I imagine there
: must be some more published material by now, perhaps even on the Net. I no
: longer have any refernce on the project and don't know which Uni the work
: was done.

They still hang on, but judging from the popular press, it has
degenerated into a rather taudry circus. The lastest stories involve
Penny Patterson's attempt to stop construction near her poor gorillas.
Seems that she lost her last bout and has appealed. I wonder what donors
to the Gorilla Foundation think of this use of their funds?

I would be interested to know if any *scientific* papers of any repute
have come out of this lengthy gorilla abuse. If so, I must not have heard
of it. The whole episode is shameful, in my opinion.

Stan Ulrich ...