Re: Race, intelligence, and anti-racist prejudice

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># The African Americans in this country were captured in Africa.
># They may have been the poorer fighters, slowest runners, or had
># the worst leaders, at the very least they were in the wrong place
># at the wrong time. They may not be typical of the population
># were they were captured.
>And to the extent that they were captured in inter-tribe warfare, they
>may have been a sample of the best and brightest -- those who were
>warriors in their cultures. We can make up scenarios like this all
>day long.

They were still losers, they came out second best. You can dream
but the Best & Brightest won and stayed in Africa.

># Most whites and Asians chose to came to America to better
># themselves. It is possible that they were more ambitious, hard
># working or adventurous than the group that stayed at home. It is
># quite likely that the whites and Asian that decided to come to
># America are not typical of the population in Europe or Asia.
># It is possible that those Europeans and Asians who decided to
># come to America had a somewhat higher IQ than those who did
># stayed in Europe and Asia. This could explain why in the US that
># the whites and asians have higher median IQs.
>Oh, poo. Most white Americans are descended from criminals, misfits,
>and religious fanatics who couldn't survive in their own countries.

It is obvious that you failed American history. Most of the early
settlers were in search of wealth, some came to America for freedom
of expression. Much of the US was settled by immigrants brought
over by the promise of land, or wealth.

>Note that this is even more true of Australia, and white
>still score much higher on IQ tests than Aborigines, who certainly
>weren't filtered as you think the Africans were.

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