Re: Effectual Demonstration at Rutgers (fwd)

J.Chang (
27 Feb 1995 00:16:24 GMT

true. but it seems rather difficult as a slip of the tongue. i personally
think he's a generally civil minded guy. he wants to help disadvantaged
minorities, etc. (follow the evil leftist agenda, if you will). but
he could harbor those culturally engraved attitudes towards them.
"blacks are inferior." it could be done out of his "pity."

this phenomena is not uncommon. i mean, even people i know well
sometimes say insensitive things, which i guess they don't necessarily
mean to be insensitive, and i don't take it as an offense, but it is
still rather "racist." an old neighbor
commented to me, "so, you're going into research. chinese people
make the best researchers. they work hardest and they're smart."
or, "i think us americans have to work better. we've lost the work
ethic like you orientals." (this is annoying because i *am* an american.
born here. speaky fine. i get the impression that i'm not considered
american-american, or real american.) although relatively benevolent
in this context, these attitudes are still a setback to a more perfect
society that we are all, hopefully, striving for. although the prez
of rutgers is a swell guy, i'm sure, he may have some of these unfortunate
culture baggages/attitudes/beliefs, which is unfit for a person of such
influence and prominence.