Re: Slavery,who was responsible?

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18 Feb 1995 12:16:59 GMT

Francis Muir (francis@pangea.Stanford.EDU) wrote:
: Shankar writes:

: Gadfly writes:

: Slavery was not outlawed in Saudi Arabia until 1962.
: I believe the last nation to outlaw slavery was
: Mauretania, sometime in the 1980s.

: Louisiana outlawed slavery this year.

: Outlawing slavery is merely politics. I'd be surprised if the following
: was not the case in Mauretania:

: (1) If you are Berber or Targui you have slaves.

: (2) If you are Black you will likely be a slave.

: The United nations definition of slavery (or was):

: If you may not inherit you are a slave.

: In Louisiana the tourists are the slaves - to an idea.

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