Re: Race, intelligence, and anti-racist prejudice (Was: Genetic Evolution)

Frank Fujita (
Sat, 25 Feb 1995 17:01:48 GMT

First let me say that in general I think Arun Gupta has done a remarkable job
of learning what he needs to know to make informed statements in this debate.

Arun Gupta ( wrote:
: Clue to the
: clueless : you must have read people commenting on the very tiny R^2
: values. Find out what that means.

One should be more charitable when pointing out the errors of others.
If you want to find out why accounting for 10% of the variance is actually
quite good, read:

Rosenthal, R., & Rubin, D. B. (1982). A simple, general purpose
display of magnitude of experimental effect. Journal of Educational
Psychology, 74, 166-169.
Ozer, D. J. (1985). Correlation and the Coefficent of Determination.
Psychological Bulletin, 97, 307-315.
Ahadi, S., & Diener, E. (1989). Multiple determinants and
effect size. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 56, my
preprint doesn't have the page numbers.

I wouldn't want to call anybody clueless, since the understanding
of the proper interpretation of r and R^2 requires more than clues.
None of the above authors are even in the IQ debate, but the
interpretation of r and R^2 is of interest to psychhologists who are
not interested in IQ.

Frank Fujita