Re: Effectual Demonstration at Rutgers (fwd)

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25 Feb 1995 08:33:18 -0700

In article <CMHolm-2302951021290001@>, (Carl Holmberg) wrote:
>Oh hell, he is free to say whatever he wants. When someone in a position
>to affect university policy, such as he, states and I paraphrase, "niggers
>are genetically too stupid to pass entrace exams", others are free to take
>offense and effect lawfull means to removed him from that position.

He was a true liberal who supported Affirmative Action programs
because he believed that African-Americans were "a disadvantaged
population that doesn't have that genetic hereditary background to
have a higher average."

I doubt that he is the only liberal that supports Affirmative
Action because they believe that African-Americans can't succeed
on their own without special help.

>If enough others eventually agree and he is removed, or not, that's the
>way office politics is played, baby. If you don't play, you may not even
>make janitor.
>If they DIDN'T act, then maybe the Prez would be proven correct, as the
>students would have show themselves too stupid to defend their own
>interests against such a blatant attack.

He was excusing himself for setting lower admissions standards for
African-Americans than whites. Rutgers should set the same
admission standards for all students.

I don't see why the Blacks are so mad at him, after all he was
trying to do the right thing for the blacks.

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