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20 Feb 1995 23:17:50 GMT


I believe that all Creationist Theories should be discussed in
our public schools. That way, my "none of the above" theory can
have a chance. That is why I resent the Supreme Court's 'kill-
filing' all but the Atheist - Darwinian - theory of Creation.
The Atheist theory is plausible if we concede that 'Life' is a
phenomenon peculiar to the Earth - the result of a chance inter-
action of atoms. But since the Universe is, for all practical
purposes, infinite (some scientists say there are more stars than
grains of sand on all our seashores) it is more than likely that
there are virtually infinite opportunities for Life to develop - in
variations and complexities that boggle the mind. (Leading one to
entertain the possibility of the existence of an ultimate config-
uration of Life - God.)
Anyway, what are you Atheists afraid of? Why are you in such
a panic? Afraid you can't hold your own? Oh! You can hold your
you own? Good! Tell the Supreme Court! PUBLIUS <>