IQ and Race...

Robert R Boyd (
24 Feb 1995 21:45:37 -0800

I have a question for those who advocate TBC and its theories. Haven't
there been studies done on the fair skinned people in Japan
that showed that they did worse on IQ tests while they were in their home
country than they did here? The chief difference is that in Japan they
are treated like an underclass, but here they feel that they are treated
differently. The theory that I read seemed to suggest that SES
correlates with IQ, but not because of ammount of money or free time, or
social values. This theory, and I'll try to find an attribution,
suggested that peoples perception of how they are supposed to do on tests
effected how they performed.
To simplify, this view is that poor people in th US, and urban
black poor especially have been told all of their lives that they are not
as good as the upper classes. So, they have a preconception of how well
they are going to do generally, and it is bad.
To get back to the original point of those people in Japan, I
forget the name, when they get here, within a generation, the IQ scores
go up. This could be a result of the second generation not growing up
under the weight of societal prejudices.

Sorry to be so disorgainized, it's late...

BTW, my fav "correlation does not prove cause" is "pickles are poison, just
look at the stats, everybody who ate pickles in 1786 is dead now!"