anyone heard of the Snacirema ?

Teeni Moddy (
Mon, 20 Feb 1995 08:49:38 GMT

I'm looking for a funny sort of a paper I read many years ago, which
I hope some of you might know about. It is about a tribe or nation
called Snacirema who worship their body, believe that is infected and
perform crazy things to protect it - such as putting hair inside the
mouth and moving it with pre-determined moves. The women cook their
heads to protect their hair. They have special healing places called
Latipsoh, where they put the sick together and abuse them, etc.

The article is supposed to be writen by some Prof. Linton ot Lipton (I
dont remember), which surely does not exist. I don't know where it came from,
nor even the original language, but I'm sure that anyone who read it
must remember it.

So if you know anything about it, please mail me.