Re: Effectual Demonstration at Rutgers (fwd)

PioneerTom (
24 Feb 1995 02:03:48 -0500

I haven't been following this thread.

However, in regards to this contreversy, has anyone seen today's WSJ
editorial claiming that most of the grief was pushed by those who want to
screw the Rutgers administration on another fairly unrelated issue,
tenured faculty review? It seems that Rutgers admin. people and the
tenured faculty have been going at it hot and heavy for some time now,
over whether anyone should ever check the performance of tenured faculty,
and maybe change class loads, etc. on the basis of that review. It didn't
even have anything to do with tossing out incompetent or lazy tenured
faculty, alas, just with paying attention to what they were doing! It is
claimed that the infamous "three words" were spoken in the context of a
closed address on this topic, to a faculty group. Perhaps students have
more in common with this dip administrator than they thought, if he really
was trying to get some better teaching done, and got screwed in the

Tom Billings