Re: Used Books in Cal?

Stan Smith (antsssx@gsusgi2.Gsu.EDU)
21 Feb 1995 22:39:28 GMT

Keith Dever ( wrote:
: I am interested in used books on topics related to Anthropology (physical and
: cultural). I live in Los Angeles. I will be travelling to San Francisco for
: SWAA. If you know of good bookstores in either of those areas please e-mail
: me with the names and I will look them up.

: If you aren't in California, my apologies (for your living somewhere else and
: for annoying you with this post) ;)



There is an excallent used book store in San Francisco called FOREVER
AFTER BOOKS and it is located at 1475 Haight st. at the corner of Ashbury.
the phone number is (415) 431-8299.(I just happened to have a bookmark from
there on my desk)

I was just in San Fran for the first time in December and I was just
walking down the street looking for a good place to eat and saw this
bookstore. I went in and asked for the anthropology section and was
amazed at the number of books they had on this subject and it included
all the famous authors. Check it out and let me know if I was any help.

Stan Smith
Georgia State University
Center for Applied Research in Anthropology