Re: internet guide - cultural anthropology

6 Feb 1995 15:30:24 -0700

There's a list of anthropology resources on the Net available from:

Anonymous FTP:
(pub/users/claird/sci.anthropology/Anthropology_network_FAQ) (/danny/anthropology/net-faq) (/pub/Anthropology_network_FAQ)


Stephanie Folse

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Candace Rutar <> wrote:
>I am so sorry about my other posting. I don't know what the heck
>happened with the title. Anyhow, like I said, myself and a classmate are
>creating an internet guide for cultural anthropology for our library
>course this semester. Any information about Url's, www, gophers would be
>much appreciated. Our guide will be available in april and I will
>post the address of our guide. Thanks again.