new newsgroup needs your vote

Walter Alter (
Mon, 13 Feb 1995 06:44:59 GMT

Perhaps you have already heard that a new talk group has been proposed
and is now up for a vote. Talk.catastrophism will be a moderated forum
for exploring interdisciplinary issues of interest to readers of this
newsgroup, but with a broader focus.

The subjects of talk.catastrophism will be drawn from astronomy, geology,
archaeology, history, philosophy, psychology, religion, comparative
mythology, anthropology, sociology, and speculative science. The unifying
theme will be the study of large-scale, geologically recent, global scale
catastrophes-- events sufficiently recent and of sufficient magnitude to
have left their traumatic imprint on human imagination, helping to shape
the character of early civilizations.

Many of the most persuasive new findings in this field are those touching
all of the above-noted disciplines. In order to keep cross posting to a
minimum, a talk group devoted to discussing interdisciplinary implications
of catastrophist fact and theory can make a crucial contribution to our
understanding. Please cast your vote for talk.catastrophism today (we are
coming to the end of the voting period) by doing the following-

Send email to:

In the subject line put:


In the message put:

I vote yes on talk.catastrophism

You will receive confirmation of your vote.