Linguistic Anthro Schools??

William Bangs (
18 Feb 1995 09:34:08 GMT

Can anyone out there reccomend a good school to go to for a sort of
"culture through discourse" approach to mainland SE Asia? I am most
interested in Viet-Nam, and in doing research on how people there
structure/figure out their world through speech, writing, music and other
symbolic communication. I'm almost fluent in the language, and am
finishing my undergrad at the above-named school, but don't particularly
like their more politically oriented approach. I want to go somewhere
where people are not afraid to say: "This seems to be an aspect of their
culture", rather than having the need to say: "At this particular moment
in time, under these specific circumstances, though we can't posit that
this is their culture..." Any schools like the former need to go on my
"Check Out" list, as do faculty with similar interests. I suppose it
would also be helpful if the school had (or could help me make)
connections in Viet-Nam, though I already have several of these, and
would rather go to a school more alligned with my interests and