Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

David Waters (
Mon, 20 Feb 1995 06:34:59 GMT

: > Originally, Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:
: >: The current political thought is that all the problems blacks have are
: >: due to the racism of whites. It is an absurd assumption.
Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:
: Actually, it was the observation of a well known black leader that blacks
: tend to blame whites for all their problems.
: That blacks are behind is due to the prejudice of whites has been
: asserted by many in this thread.

So you're also of the misguided belief that one so-called "leader" speaks
for all African Americans? sad!!! Do you expect me to believe that
Newt and Rush speak for all "whites"? How 'bout President Clinton?
Doesn't *he* speak for (any) "whites" anymore? Did _TBC_ also tell you
that African Americans are of a single political consciousness?

Previously, David Waters wrote:
: >Consider the SEGA/NINTENDO influence and the greater influence that
: >American culture, in general, plays in their lives. BTW, I have an Asian
: >godson and, of course, many friends and (former) coworkers are Asian.

Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:
: Oh, geeze! That's right up there with "many of my friends are black".

Cute! :-) I can't help but imagine what your narrow definition African
Americans entails since you seem to rely on _TBC_ to define what you
think of AfAms. You probably think that we're also segregated from all
other minority groups. Again, the point is that I rely on first-hand
experience while you seem to rely on _TBC_ to form your opinions of
people, minorities in particular.

: >Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:
: >: The data indicates taht minorities are not as meritorious. If you have
: >: better data, present it. If you can not accept the data, then why do you
: >: accuse ME of being incapable of open thought? You wouldn't even
: >: entertain the possibility.
Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:
: [Deleted long, boring stories, anecdotes, an other completly irrelvant
: horn blowing.]

It's interesting that you'd call the given examples "horn blowing" since
"your data" claims that minorities aren't so meritorious!!!

Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:
: After all the blowing of your own (engineering) horn, I am
: flabergasted that you don't believe in facts and data. It leads me to
: suspect that you were
: taking credit for the work done by other people on the team.
This is the standard (off-the-shelf) reply, by ignorant "whites", to
African Americans who do meritorious work!!! I guess that I forged my
letters of commendation too! Have you noticed who is relying on the work
of others in this little "debate" of ours and who isn't?

BTW, my credit is stated on my performance reviews and I really don't
appreciate your insulting little insinuation. Everyone on the team
knows who did what and references are available for anyone important
enough to justify confirmation.

Stephen Lajoie ( wrote:
: No decent
: engineer would ever suggest that any other engineer ignore scientifically
: gathered data and listen to a bunch of pointless anecdotes.

Scientifically gathered data??? This is addressed in my response,
immediately preceeding this one (see comparison to astronomy). Actually,
I'm amazed that *you* are so willing to accept the findings of such a
crude "science". Somehow, you have managed to believe that human nature
can be quantified with the same precision as measurements of physical
objects (deja vu?) simply because someone uses statistics.

All I hear you saying is that the use of statistics validates the data.
However, when I present you with real-world samples, you dismiss them
because they're not supported by the statistical data that's supposed to
describe the real world. I suppose that you refuse to believe that
bumble bees can fly or that some people actually dream in color.

This little "debate" has outlived its usefulness...and continuing at
this point will probably degrade it to a series of personal insults.
However, in closing, I'd just like to say that there are those of us
who fly and then there are those of us who just ride in the flight
simulator!!! Those of us who fly can do and see a lot more than those
who sit in the sterile environment of a simulator.

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