Re: Race, intelligence, and anti-racist prejudice

Thompson, Craig E. (
18 Feb 1995 13:18:35 -0600 wrote:

>Most whites and Asians chose to came to America to better
>themselves. It is possible that they were more ambitious, hard
>working or adventurous than the group that stayed at home. It is
>quite likely that the whites and Asian that decided to come to
>America are not typical of the population in Europe or Asia.

Ambition, adventuresomeness, industry -- you consider these to be genetic?
Additionally, by this line of reasoning, wouldn't this mean that the
descendents of Europeans that participated in the western expansion of the
US have a higher mean IQ than those who stayed on the East Coast? Any data
around that shows an East-West anomaly?

>It is possible that those Europeans and Asians who decided to come
>to America had a somewhat higher IQ than those who did stayed in
>Europe and Asia. This could explain why in the US that the whites
>and asians have higher median IQs.

Maybe -- for those who came willingly?
Doesn't address "regression to the mean" though, if my great-great-grandpa
was bright enough to come here, what does that say about me -- not much I