Re: Evolution Conclusively Disproved

Aaron ben Saul (
9 Feb 1995 23:23:04 -0500

TimAmmons <> writes:

>How does a similarity to pigs disprove evolution?? If anything it supports
>it. I've heard that geneticist are working on transgenic pigs that could
>provide human organs and blood. Sounds exciting to me, but if you
>belong to a religion that views pigs as "unclean" or not Kosher,
>maybe they need an alternative transgenic animal!

On the contrary, as a religious Jew I can honestly tell you that a transgenic
pig to be used for xenografting would be much welcomed among religious Jews.
Judaism really doesn't like canniballizing dead bodies for spare parts and only
permits it on the grounds that often there just isn't another alternative to
using bona fide human organs.