Re: Who is Lileth?2

Michael Hebert (hebert@HERCULES.CS.UREGINA.CA)
18 Feb 1995 02:09:04 GMT

In article <>, Jari Kivela <> wrote:
> (Keith Dever) writes:
>>Who is Lileth? I have heard that it is a Jewish legend that she preceded
>>Eve. Have any of you anthro-types heard of that legend?
>I have read about her, only that here she is known as Lilith. I don't
>have the article here, but if I remember correctly, she really preceded Eve.
>Another thing I remember is, that she was too independent for Adam, which
>Adam of course couldn't accept. After that she was probably killed or
>expelled from the paradise because of this 'bad nature'. Anyway, she sounded
>like a very fine woman, but because Adam couldn't handle her, she had to be
>taken care of. Then came the Eve, who was more submissive.
>I'm not sure if this is the right group for this kind of discussion. Anyway,
>it's an interesting legend since it tries to punish women just because they
>are independent. In that case it also tells us something, not very flattering,
>about Christianity.
If this is a Jewish legend, how does it tell us something about