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Michael Bauser (
Fri, 17 Feb 95 15:51:56 EST

In article <3i0vk6$> (Debbie Barcon) writes:

>Having just recently popped in on this news group and have yet to get an
>idea of what current trends and issues are consuming anthropology today.
>Surely it's not race, IQ, evolution, or what grad school to attend.

Um...I'm afraid those *are* trends and issues consuming anthropology
today. The race/IQ thing has been in the news a lot lately, and a
lot of anthropological work has been done on race. As annoying as
the discussions here have been, it is a valid anthropological topic.

And when has evolution NOT been a major subject in anthropology? Sheesh.

As for the grad school thing....well, yeah, this is a lousy place to
look for advice. (A free hint to all undergrads reading this newsgroup:
When you need academic advice, start with your *academic advisor*, not

Really, now. *Asking* for a new subject *never* works. If you want a
new topic, you'll probably have to start one.

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