RE: Folk Buddhist Attitudes among Vietnamese
Fri, 17 Feb 95 12:33:14 +400

In Article <3i1kj1$> (William Bangs) writes:
>I am wondering whether some claims made by a Vietnamese of my aquaintence
>should be viewed as her own "hybrid" interpretation or are common for
>Vietnamese from rice-farming families around the Da-Nang area who grew up
>during the decades of the wars with France and the U.S.
>5. [To sumarize]: This particular woman is trying to get an admirable
>message of healing and forgiveness accross to both sides in our stupid,
>senseless war in Viet-Nam -- one wrapped up in a complex web of spiritual
>and philosophical assertions grounded (so she says) in Buddhism. I'd
>like more information on folk understandings of Buddhist teachings in
>Viet-Nam (then and now) so I can judge for myself whether this woman's
>belief system is a common one, or unique to her. I hope you can help.

good questions. I don't have a clue but i hope someone who does
will post their response for others to read. this discussion could go
a long way toward getting some anthro back in this group. please post
follow-ups to the group rather than private e-mail. thanks!!!

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