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Thu, 16 Feb 1995 19:37:19 UNDEFINED

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>Subject: another topic please
>Date: 13 Feb 1995 22:31:31 GMT

>This could be a useful or interesting group if people would talk anthropology
>and not argue about race and evolution. Let's try something else, say economic
>sytems among Meskito indians? Divination and healing among the Nilotics of


I'd about given up on this group for conversation or exchange about
anthropology. Reminds me to much of circular debates to fill the time or to
convince oneself, rather than to exchange listening about another veiwpoint.

I'm especially interested in hearing about success stories in "downloading"
the massive amount of worldwide field work and research that's been done to
the larger population. What works?, more than 'yeah they didn't fund my grant
either'. We've got enough of those stoies. But what excites thinking and
curiousity in audiences, in Just Plain Citizens?

Other than a life long love of sharing the fascinating and the complex with as
many people as possible, I've grown a need to see a 3 and 4 dimensional map of
the human story on this planet, especially the Pacific hemisphere. I want to
hear who is building the parts, or the framework for a many layered
multicultural map of the movement, interaction of the myriad unique cultures
across the geography and up through the layers of time on our planet. It's a
wonderously complex tapestry I have a glimmer of an image of, on my better
days. I'd like to be able to really share that with anyone, with picture,
song, artifact seriations included ( 'scuse the archeo jargon), and on maps
that have the depth of time. Alot of the tools for this kind of presentation
seem to be worked out already in the fields of meteorology, geology, and
planning (GIS). Its the kind of tool that might actually facilitate an
effective discussion of cultural and genetic evolution and who knows what
other hard to pin down subject. If the intent of the "debates" I've been
reading here are to clarify the topic that is.

But you know I'd be happy to read just about any good discussion on topics
Anthropological. The asides during the grand debate don't do it thanks. That's
something I could participate in.

Thanks again for your suggestion. My apologies for the length. Exciting to
think of discussing anthro with others as interested.

Jim Felton
Pacific Ancient Voyagers