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>>>But ensuring that the president of the college speaks only politically
>>>correct words, even in a closed meeting is the primary goal of an
>>>institution of higher learning?

>>Making sure the president of a college isn't a racist seems to be a
>>pretty good thing. Unfortunately, one of the only ways to know if
>>someone is racist is by the words they speak. Personally, from the
>>little that I do know on this case, the president probably isn't racist.
>>At least, I don't think that there is enough evidence to fire him. But,
>>what if there were enough evidence?

>Francis Lawrence supports affirmative action and has long worked
>to bring it to Rutgers.

>Lawrence said "The average SAT for AA is 750. Do we set
>standards in the future so that we don't admit anyone with the
>national test? Or do we deal with a disadvantaged population that
>doesn't have the necessary genetic hereditary background to have a
>higher average?"

>But he was trying to do the politically correct thing. He was
>observing that the blacks were scoring lower on the entrance test
>than whites. He then proposed that the school _lower_ the
>standards for blacks because they were not as capable as

>Lawrence is one liberal who supports affirmative action programs
>because he believes that AAs are not well enough qualifies to
>succeed on their own, they need special considerations. I wonder
>how many supporters of affirmative action have this view, that
>affirmative action is necessary because the AAs don't have the
>"genetic hereditary background" to succeed with out special

I don't think it has been established that Lawrence is a liberal. If he
is a liberal AND believes that blacks don't have the genetic capability
to do equally well on tests, then he certainly is not a mainstream
liberal. And, it sounds, from this one paragraph, that he was advocating
against Affirmative Action.

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