Re: Interesting contradiction in Genesis...

SftwreBuff (
6 Feb 1995 05:10:10 -0500 (David Wareing) wrote:

:>I'll definitely question anyone who arbitrarily bends the rules to
:>suit their own views. This is similar to thread last year, where
:>people were trying to equate "light and darkness" with energy,
:>simply because it suited them.

Please define the Hebrew word "yom". You'll find that it referes to a
"period of time", not necessarily a "day". And if I remember my timeline
correctly, the English version of the Old Testament came from the Greek
version, the Septugent (sp?), which in turn came from the Hebrew version,
the Pentatuch. Therefore, shouldn't we be looking at the Hebrew meanings
and not the 3rd generation English?

As for the accusation that I "bent" the rules to fit my explanation, the
same might be said for anyone not willing to look at ALL the information
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