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Wed, 15 Feb 1995 09:23:57 +1000

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> I think it's fascinating how everyone who hasn't read The Bell Curve has a
> definite opinion about it.

> Here's my five-line review:
> This is a very well-written book, clear, beautifully organized, and
> persuasive. It is based on some distortions and some of the research is flawed
> and misrepresented. I think its basic intent is brilliantly evil, but the
> genius of the book is that it contains a germ of truth, which is generally
> unspoken, but impossible to deny. The real question is what we as a society
> will do with the realities that we find, and the opportunities and challenges
> that face us. Wringing our hands, complaining, and whining will not help us.
> For an antidote to the book's arguments, read Howard Gardner's (ten-year old)
> work called Frames of Mind.

What do you see as the "germ of truth...generally unspoken, but impossible
to deny."?

Rod Hagen